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Posts for DGF explained

Posts are the basic functionality of WordPress and can be used to write blogs or news articles. These can be found in a news overview and you can embed them on your homepage as well to make articles be noted on entering the website.

For Dutch Guitar Foundatton posts can be used to place all things newsworthy on you website.

  • events to announce
  • spread knowledge and blog about developments in the Classical guitar world. –> This can be used to build a knowledge base to support your mission of educating about the guitar
  • place messages from sponsors. When you have an audience you
  • Place video or audio files in the newsfeed to share the music.

By using different tags in posts it’s easy to sort and filter these diffent things to easily mange them. Because posts are such a core functionality and make your website and your communication come alive I’ve added a tab ‘news’ to your main menu.