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Kristina O. Vårlid

9th of November 2018

For the Japanese of the past, space and time were conceived of in the same way. Their concept of Ma refers to intervals of space and time that become meaningful only when ( read more..)

Gabriel Bianco

8th of March 2019

The J.S.Bach’s Chaconne is one of the most well-known solo works for violin which caused a strong divide when this piece was first performed on the concert stage. While there were those who applauded the success ( read more.. )

Rovshan Mamedkuliev

7th of June 2019

William Wallton’s Five Bagatelles, written for classical guitar legend, Julian Bream, pose both technical and interpretative challenges to many. However, Rovshan’s artistry is in details: this musician is meticulous about (read more..)

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