Groningen Guitar Competition



Program & Rules

  • Free program: The competitor can freely choose the repertoire to perform for this competition.
  • The performance needs to be recorded in one take.
  • A poster or drawing of the Dutch Guitar Foundation logo needs to be visible on the video. A special prize will be given to the most creative drawing of our logo, feel free to go crazy! ūüôā (Send it to )
  • In the First Round, each candidate will perform 10 minutes of free choice program.
  • The video needs to be sent as a Youtube link by 27th of January (public or
    not listed)
  • The results of the 1st round will be announced on February 7th 2021.
  • The final will take place live in Groningen at the Prince Claus Conservatoire.
  • In case a finalist cannot make it to Groningen due to Covid-19 it will be possible to send a video instead.
  • In the Final Round, each candidate will perform 30 min of free choice program.
  • It is allowed to repeat program from the 1st Round.
  • A maximum of 10 finalists will be selected to perform in the Grande Finale.
  • Honorary President will be appointed at the beginning of the Groningen Guitar Competition;
  • Honorary President will supervise the work of jury throughout the Groningen Guitar Competition;
  • In case of irregularities in the work of jury, Honorary President will immediately notify the Artistic Director;
  • Honorary President may cut off the performance in case that candidate exceeds the time limit given in the rules;
  • Free selection repertoire chosen for one round, can be repeated in a later round;
  • All repertoire must be performed by¬†heart;
  • Each candidate will be given a score between 0-25 points. The highest and lowest mark will be cut off. An average of the remaining marks will be calculated in order to determine the score of the candidate;
  • Jury members cannot give points to their own current or past students;
  • Prizes cannot be shared;
  • Jury may decide not to award a particular prize in case that they are not satisfied with the performance level;
  • Points will not be published nor discussed with the candidates;
  • All candidates can approach any member of the Jury to ask for the feedback on their¬†performance;
  • The decision of the Jury is definite;
  • All audio and video material recorded¬†during the¬†competition¬†belongs to DGF and can only be used with the written permission of DGF.


‚ā¨0 1st prize
‚ā¨0 2nd prize
‚ā¨0 3rd prize