Dirk Janssen

In 1975 I started building guitars in Idstein (Germany). Several years I worked as an apprentice “Zupfinstrumentmacher” with master builder Reinhold Seiffert.

After obtaining my guitar building diploma, I returned to the Netherlands and to Belgium now, where I developed my career as a “luthier” / “guitar builder”.

Building a fine instrument starts with listening and feeling the raw wood and how the parts of the instrument respond to each other .

I use traditional means such as tap tuning, but also more modern means such as frequency measurements with e.g. laptop.

This makes the properties of an instrument visible more accurately. Ultimately, based on this data and personal intuition and experience, the instrument can be further optimised.

Beside lutes (renaissance and baroque), my specialties are high quality  concert guitars and  flamenco guitars.

On request of some musicians of the Trio Rosenberg, these past years I started building  gypsy guitars as well (eg “Selmer oval hole”).


31 tone project 
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