Elke Prinsier


Elke Prinsier is a young Belgian classical guitarist. She started her musical career at the age of 7 at the music academy in her hometown, Diksmuide. The classical guitar has been her first and biggest love. As proved by some years of practice in flute, piano and the lute. But no other instrument managed to touch her like the subtlety of the guitar. After combining extensive guitar practice with Latin-Mathematics studies at high school she decided at the age of 18 to dedicate her life fully to music. In 2014, she starts her Bachelors at the Royal Conservatory of Gent, Belgium with former GFA winner Johan Fostier and Yves Storms. After 3 years, she graduates with highest
In need of a new challenge, she decides to leave Belgium and her own guitarclass she has at that moment to explore life in the Netherlands. In Groningen, the guitar city of the Netherlands, she finds a true inspiration and new motivation in the virtuosic Sabrina Vlaskalic during an Erasmus exchange. In 2018, she is officially accepted in the Prince Claus Conservatory to start her masters under further guidance of Sabrina.
Elke loves the vibrant guitar community in order to enrich and exchange her knowledge and experiences and therefore can be found regularly on guitar festivals or courses. She has followedmasterclasses with some of the world’s most renowned and established guitarists such as Ricardo Gallen, Anielle Desiderio, Zoran Dukic, Judicaël Perroy, Raphaella Smits…
Elke tries to explore a wide range of different styles and periods in her repertoire, but has a
preference for more unknown, contemporary music from the past decades. She endeavors to
present the music as an auditive painting striving to explore the full range of colors and timbres in
the guitar and by linking visual imagination with what can be heard. Like this, she wants to create
an open door for the listener to enter a more intense experience of the music. Usually, her concerts
are a balance of these more rare gems and the, what can be called, more traditional guitar