Eva Sabaté Costa


Eva Sabaté Costa, born in Barcelona and daughter of the luthier Juan Antonio Sabaté, felt herself at an early age attracted to the world of the guitar. This chemistry made her start studying the guitar at the age of seven, and she obtained the “Titulo Superior” from the conservatory “Liceo” in Barcelona in 1987.  

Her studies with Ramón Barboza, Manuel Gonzàlez and Arnaldur Arnarson gave her more profoundness in her musical development. Later on her search for a vital and artistic expansion led her to Holland. Here she obtained degrees as a performing artist at the conservatory of Zwolle with Hans de Weerd, and in Chamber music at the conservatory of Amsterdam. 

Eva Sabaté followed masterclasses with such well-known teachers as Leo Brouwer, José Tomás, Alvaro Pierri, Eduardo Fernández and David Russel. 

She received awards in several international guitar competitions, and her performing practice as a soloist and in chamber music brought her to several countries in Europe.

Together with her husband and guitarist Quirijn Snijder she founded Guitar Institute L’escola, a school for classical guitar education in Zwolle (Holland) in 1998. With the musical insight and the experience of these years she works nowadays as a teacher at the same institute. 

Eva recorded the compact disc “Intermedio”, on which she performs, together with Quirijn Snijder, Spanish music from the early 20th century. 

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