Felipe Conde Jr.

Felipe Conde Crespo was born in Madrid in 1991 and belongs to the Esteso-Conde family of luthiers founded by Domingo Esteso in 1915. He represents the fourth generation of artisanal guitar builders within the family that belongs to the so-called Madrid School of lutherie. Felipe commenced his apprenticeship in the trade of guitar building at the age of 16 intermittently, while completing his secondary education. At the age of 18 he begun alternating his studies in sociology, culture and music at the University of Carlos III with apprenticing at the family workshop. His apprenticeship in the trade was always linked to his father Felipe Conde Cavia, who in turn, learned the art of guitar making within the family tradition he belongs to.  From the very beginning, Felipe was very curious about the different schools of guitar making and methods applied by other luthiers, while doing his own research and exploring new ways of guitar building. Currently, Felipe works full time at his father’s workshop building both flamenco and classical guitars.


Felipe Conde Guitar Strings


We are pleased to announce the launch of a new series of guitar strings carrying the Felipe Conde name, designed especially for the Spanish guitar. After several years of keen observation, testing and research we have come up with what we think to be the optimum selection of strings for the best results in terms of sound, comfort and durability.









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