Menno Bos

Raised between wood shavings, smell of Laquer and hide glue with classical music in the backround, my path was predestined at a young age. It,s therefore not surprising that these influences have led to where I am now. Making string instrument at the highest level with great attention to detail and material where the most personal demands are fulfilled.

Alltough I have build all kinds of string instruments so far, from Vihuelas, barock guitars up to Nylon Jazz Guitars,  Steelstring Bariton Guitars  up to Archtop Guitars, my heart is at the moment in the Classical Guitar and the Flamenco Guitar. These exquisite Guitars are designed and made to meet all the personal demands. Each Guitar will be crafted to it,s own specifications with a true custom service that offers the player  a unique, bespoke and highly customized handmade instrument.

I challenge you to join me in an adventure and give me the fullest convidence to bring your ultimate  guitar to reality.

I hope we will meet at the Guitar Expo in Groningen.


Menno Bos

Guitar Maker for more than thirty years


New Double Soundhole Design based on “Lemniscaat “

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