Steven den Toom

My name is Steven den Toom. I followed a 3 year guitarbuilding course in Belgium. I have been building guitars sind 2013. My dream is to create a guitar that has a great dynamic range with endless possibilities. To achieve this dream I make my guitars thin and flexible. This creats a very active and responsive guitar. Which even at low volume has allot of clarity. My body shape is compact. My guitars are very lightweight. I build guitars in the traditional Spanish ways with hot glue only. All my guitars are French Polished.
My biggest inspirations are Antonio de Torres, Vicente Arias and Francisco Simplicio. There way of constructing and decorating have influenced me greatly. I look up to these 3 Legendary guitar makers. I have had the pleasure to see guitars from 2 of these makers. Vicente Arias and Antonio de Torres. I had the pleasure to play the Arias. It was a Cypress classical guitar. It was the lightest guitar i have ever played and seen. I was shocked to say the least. This guitar would make sound by the slightest of touch. It was amazing.

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