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I found my way into guitar making since, in my youth, I played on the zither, an alpine plucked string instrument. I completed my craft training and academic studies in the German musical instrument-building centers Mittenwald and Markneukirchen. My fascination with the guitar awoke by the work of Richard Jacob Weißgerber and the bright delicate sound of his instruments.

Important early guidance came from Swiss guitar and violin maker Kuno Schaub, engineer and guitar researcher Karl Sandvoss, and research findings by violin maker and physicist Martin Schleske. From Benno Streu I gained insights into the procedure of tonal post-processing.

In 2002, I established my workshop in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg, focussing on building classical guitars.

My idea of the perfect sound is related to the tonal quality and radiance of orchestral instruments and the voice. Simultaneously, I focus on the characteristic qualities of the guitar: sensitivity of response and richness of tone colors.

Profound knowledge of European guitar-building traditions, scientific principles, and a sensual understanding of wood are the basics of my work.

I listened attentively and critically to many classical guitar concerts with the highest-ranking musicians and instruments and could explore the interconnection of guitar construction and sound radiation at length. In 2017, I completed my postgraduate studies in acoustics with a research thesis on the carrying power of the guitar.

I received lessons for several years with Prof. Frank Hill. A focus was on the connection between the musician and the instrument.

Knowledge about the multi-layered sound perception of humans also flows into my work.

My guitar models are handcrafted using traditional materials, and in a process based on experience and sensitivity. They result in a symbiosis of the German guitar-building tradition and the sound aesthetics of old Spanish guitars, particularly of Antonio de Torres. Subtle modern construction elements and special care for playability make them contemporary, powerful concert instruments with a personal touch.

Guitar No. 110 – by Angela Waltner

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