Manuel Adalid

Manuel Adalid


Born in 1951 in Valencia, from an early age and with full dedication, I was instructed in the craft of guitar making by two great masters, D. Antonio Monfort and my father D. Manuel Adalid Lazaro. From a young age being an apprentice of Spanish guitar making, I looked up and studied very closely, like an obsession, the art of how the best luthiers made guitars. Especially Antonio de Torres, Hauser, Friederich, Miguel Rodriguez, Manuel Reyes, Manuel Ramirez and nowadays my current friend and investigation colleague, Angel Benito Aguado.

With this experience, knowledge and extensive studies developed in the research of the guitar, I was awarded the title of Master Craftsman. Nowadays, I give lectures on an international level on the Spanish construction systems as well as new technologies applied to the Classical guitar.

During the last 15 years, I have been focusing on researching new technologies to be applied to the classic guitar. I feel this experience was the most gratifying and enriching task I have ever done. The fusion of art and new tech making Spanish guitars is resulting in excellent guitars.

Every single guitar I make is unique. All my guitars and every single piece of them are carefully handmade. Starting from the selection of the wood to the setting of the strings I try to look for excellence in every detail. That is my reason to exist. Among my wide range of concert Guitars and without a doubt, La Catedral 10 Aniversario stands out, by its clear and clean sound, infinite sustain and its extraordinary richness of harmonics.

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