Quirijn Snijder

Jury member

Quirijn Snijder studied classical guitar in Holland with Hans de Weerd at the Conservatory of Zwolle from 1984 to 1992. In Holland and abroad, he participated in numerous masterclasses with well-known teachers like Hubert Käppel, David Russell, José Tomás, Abel Carlevaro, José Luis Rodrigo, and Kostas Kotsiolis.

In 1992, Quirijn obtained a title as a therapeutic teacher in Dispokinesis. With this movement therapy, he specialized in the ergonomics of making music, especially concerning the guitar. He has been regularly asked to lecture and conduct workshops on this theme, sharing his broad knowledge and experience on how to become and remain a healthy guitarist.

After completing his guitar studies in Holland, Quirijn lived in Spain for three years. There, in search of further development and depth, he continued studying the guitar with José Tomás in Alicante and worked as a guitar teacher and therapist in Dispokinesis in Barcelona.

Upon returning to Holland, he co-founded Guitar Institute L’escola in 1999 with his wife Eva Sabaté. In this school for classical guitar, he has taught numerous talented guitarists over the past two decades.

Together with Eva Sabaté, Quirijn also recorded the compact disc “Intermedio,” featuring his performances of Spanish music from the early 20th century.

Outside the world of music, Quirijn dedicates his time as a professional mental coach in his practice, Recercare, in Zwolle. After completing various studies, he specialized in themes such as burnout and trauma.

His knowledge and experience in this area also contribute to the depth of his musical education practice.

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