Vasilis Lazaridis

After some years of wandering and trying out different trades , I found my haven in the art of musical instrument making. Ebony, palisander, maple tree, goma elemi, chisels, scrapers, planes, surrounding me. My daily ritual of touching them, joining them and feeling their voice. Situated in the northern province of Greece, I have become witness to the changing of seasons, of colors and scents. I feel lucky to be living the dream of a man who loves to create with his hands and share his passion with the world.

In artistic instrument making, from the first stage of the construction of a musical instrument, the building on the solera,till the last one when the mouneca will spread the varnish on the wood, there is one skilled hand that has done the job, that of the instrument maker. Instrument making is an art, a craft and a science, especially when it comes to building a guitar. It is the makers skilled hand that anticipates through experience and intuition, the elasticity of the wood and the way it is to be wrought, as well as the modern means of a scientific measurements that will allow him to estimate with punctuality the coordination of the air volume of the hole or the successive coordinations of the level of harmony. Not only should matters of aesthetic perfection should be fulfilled but also those ones that have to do with the sound and the delicate sentiments it can cause. All these aspects along with the able functionality (ergonomy) will enable the musician and the listener to touch and be touched.

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